Lenny Dee sent my demo’s to loopmasters. Here’s the email he sent me.Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 21.57.14.png

All the hard work has payed off and I’m so glad that they are happy with the demo’s!


Accredited Skills and Portfolio Website FInished

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 21.44.03.pngI’ve applied for accredited skills for an audio editing role. I’ve submitted my website, which includes my portfolio and an about me section so that I can apply for job roles with an interactive CV. Hopefully they get back to me!


Here’s a link to the Website



Accredited Skills and Portfolio Website FInished

Industrial Strength Records

A couple of weeks ago I messaged Industrial strength records in hope that they might be interested in releasing my sample pack. I received an instant response from the owner Lenny Dee who was interested from what he had heard on my soundcloud.

Because Sample phonics rejected my last submission I wanted to keep this quiet incase the same happened with Industrial strength. Also, I decided to rethink about the overall sounds in the pack.

I decided to make a fresh start with a lot of the Bass, music and drum loops. I wanted to create a product that excites any bass music producer and makes them want the sound design that is in the pack and I learnt from my last sample submission that I may have rushed sending the samples from getting over excited about working with a professional sample company. For the last few weeks I have been researching tutorials online to improve my processing skills, mainly on the synthesiser Serum, which has dramatically improved my synth design. I have also been putting together demo loops with the samples that I have made to showcase them all working together.

Here are the demo’s that I have created with my sounds so far…

I sent these demo’s to Lenny Dee a few days ago and I had a Skype meeting with him last night all the way from New York!Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 23.07.27.png

I am really happy to say that he was extremely pleased with how the samples sound and would like to release them through Industrial strength records. He spoke to me about the benefits I will get from releasing my pack through Industrial strength, which will include online and offline promotion. It will be featured on Loopmasters website, Computer Magazine and marketed using his 15 years experience in the sample industry!

My next steps are:

  • Organising the samples into folders
  • Creating a few more Drum Breaks
  • Finish serum Presets
  • Include more Bass One Shots
Industrial Strength Records

Website Development

I’m building a website using wix to showcase all my sound design in one place. Here are some screenshots of it so far…


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 23.11.03.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 23.11.18.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 23.11.33.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 23.11.45.png

I can use this website when applying for job roles as it shows all of my best work in one place, this an easy way for people to listen to all of my music without them having to individually click through each soundcloud link and video.

Website Development


Been quiet on here for a while due to a nasty virus that I’ve had for the last 3 weeks, which has affected my temperature and breathing. This has made it difficult for me to work on some of my projects. However, I have still managed to do some work when I’ve felt up to it. I have been delayed on finishing my sample pack so I need to push myself to get it finished now that I’m feeling better.

I have managed to do some reading though and have found some interesting theories on 2D and 3D sound in games and how it alters the direction of the sound source. This is a theory that I can include in my dissertation when talking about sound perception and compare how this changes the way the players decision making process changes from these sounds. Also, I could include a section on how the sound design in 3d sound environments is split into sections like:

  • User interaction sound
  • Atmospheres
  • Background Music
  • Environmental sounds
  • Animal sounds


A great example game I could use for this is Far cry 3, which whilst including all these sounds. Also has 3rd party music on some parts, for example on a mission when you are burning down some certain ‘plants’ Damien marley is played in the background on a continuos loop until the mission is complete.

My next plan for organising my dissertation is to come up with a title name for each chapter. This will make it easier for me to make a start on each of them.


Also, My colloboration track with my friend Reece Clayton has been used on one of relentless’s promo videos! Here is the link.

This can be included in my CD portfolio.