Been quiet on here for a while due to a nasty virus that I’ve had for the last 3 weeks, which has affected my temperature and breathing. This has made it difficult for me to work on some of my projects. However, I have still managed to do some work when I’ve felt up to it. I have been delayed on finishing my sample pack so I need to push myself to get it finished now that I’m feeling better.

I have managed to do some reading though and have found some interesting theories on 2D and 3D sound in games and how it alters the direction of the sound source. This is a theory that I can include in my dissertation when talking about sound perception and compare how this changes the way the players decision making process changes from these sounds. Also, I could include a section on how the sound design in 3d sound environments is split into sections like:

  • User interaction sound
  • Atmospheres
  • Background Music
  • Environmental sounds
  • Animal sounds


A great example game I could use for this is Far cry 3, which whilst including all these sounds. Also has 3rd party music on some parts, for example on a mission when you are burning down some certain ‘plants’ Damien marley is played in the background on a continuos loop until the mission is complete.

My next plan for organising my dissertation is to come up with a title name for each chapter. This will make it easier for me to make a start on each of them.


Also, My colloboration track with my friend Reece Clayton has been used on one of relentless’s promo videos! Here is the link.

This can be included in my CD portfolio.