Layering Research

I found this great article on layering a snare drum.

This really improved the sound of my snares, giving me a lot more control with the individual transients of the sound.

Layering is something I use when creating my bass sounds. Normally I will create the sound using either Massive, serum or Kontakt. I then split it into three layers.

Sub – I focus my sub sound around 40 – 200hz. Usually sidechained to the kick or a separate channel. This can prevent the bass from clashing with the drums.

Mid Bass – ranging from 200hz – 2khz. This is the main part you can hear, which is normally processed with a range of distortion, reverb and compression effects. This is also sidechained.

Top Bass – Ranging from 10 – 20khz. This can give a crisp, bright tone to the bass. Normally processed with heavy distortion effects and EQ automation. This can also cause phase. However, it can create a sense of movement to the sound.

Layering Research