Second set of trial loops finished

After the feedback I received from the last set of loops I sent off to samplephonics. I wanted to push myself to achieve the sound they were after. The tutorial videos have definitely improved the quality of my samples, especially with drums. Techniques such as layering (which I would normally stay away from) have given my drums much more character. For example I have layered the snares with 3 different textures. The lower transient, the body and the tail. All individual layers are pitched to work with each other and sound much cleaner in the mix of the drums. I am sending off the loops tomorrow so will put up a preview of the sounds on here.

Second set of trial loops finished

One thought on “Second set of trial loops finished

  1. fwcraigburgess says:

    Some good ideas and approaches here Luke. Try to evidence this change in approach in your research. Where did you find out about layering techniques? Which sounds work most effectively when layered?


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