Sent to Samplephonics!

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Second set of trial loops finished

After the feedback I received from the last set of loops I sent off to samplephonics. I wanted to push myself to achieve the sound they were after. The tutorial videos have definitely improved the quality of my samples, especially with drums. Techniques such as layering (which I would normally stay away from) have given my drums much more character. For example I have layered the snares with 3 different textures. The lower transient, the body and the tail. All individual layers are pitched to work with each other and sound much cleaner in the mix of the drums. I am sending off the loops tomorrow so will put up a preview of the sounds on here.

Second set of trial loops finished

Samplephonics Feedback!

Here’s what Richard Meller said about the ten trial loops I sent.

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I am currently working on some heavier fast paced drums using Noisia, Phace and Misanthrop as a reference. These drums have loads of outrageous fills and experimental percussion, which is a big challenge when making drums from scratch.

However, I have always wanted to challenge myself to see if I could master drums similar to these artists.

I have been looking into different techniques that Drum and Bass producers use. I found these useful tutorials. Including a little glimpse at how Noisia do it themselves!

Samplephonics Feedback!

Career Development

I am still waiting on Richard Meller to give me feedback on the samples I have sent him.

Whilst I am waiting for his response I am going to message some more sample distributors as a back up plan.

I have been asked by Breakout Recordings a label I have worked with in the past to create some samples for a compilation sample pack.

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I am going to work on these this week.

Career Development